Loadcell Systems - Various Loadcells for Use with Bins, Tanks, Hoppers, Conveyors etc.
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guide RICE LAKE WEIGH MODULE SELECTION GUIDE: Guide to find the right weigh module to meet your needs   Selecting the right weigh module involves factors such as working environment and loading conditions. Rice Lake has a comprehensive line of weigh modules including more than 20 different mount styles, and a waterproof-guarantee. Complete mounting kits are available with our weigh modules, simplifying the selection and installation processes.
lpbench WEIGHTRONIX BATCHING WEIGHBAR KITS: Single Loadcells and Loadcell Kits with Capacities from 250# to 400,000#. Mild and Stainless Steel Construction Wide selection of weighing systems come in sealable (Class III, 5,000d) and non-sealable (0.25% accuracy) versions with capacities from 125 to 200,000 pounds. For both base-mounted and suspended installations.


WEIGHTRONIX WEIGH LEGS: Specially Designed Leg Frames with Integrated Loadcells for use with Manual and Motorized Conveyors
Dual photo electric cell arrangement allows maximum accuracy in weighing randomly sized products. Freestanding, self-powered design operates independently of existing belt conveyor. Unaffected by idler friction or belt tension and requires no damping device. Meets NEMA 4X standards for washdown and corrosion resistance.

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