Railroad Track Scales - Dual and Full Draft Systems
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RICE LAKE RAIL BOSS: For weight verification and other non-NTEP needs. The RailBoss rail scale is a cost-effective and easy-to-install method for weighing stationary railroad cars. RailBoss is designed for rail cars with 5'9" to 5'11" truck centers and can be installed in any location that has straight and level track for one car length. Powered by Rice Lake's 920i® and RailBoss software, RailBoss can be purchased as an eight-section Full-Draft system, or a simpler four-section Double Draft model.


RICE LAKE SURVIVOR RAIL SCALES: Capacities of over 200 tons are available to meet the demands of the heaviest loads. Designed to create a rugged, accurate heavy duty weighing system. Used in static weighing operations, the Survivor RT Pit Type railroad track scale and the Survivor PL Modular Type railroad track scale excel in high-accuracy, legal-for-trade weighing and meet AREMA and Cooper E-80 design specifications.


WEIGHTRONIX WEIGHLINE: Economical Railroad Scale for check-weighing cars For static or in-motion rail weighing. Prevents underloads and overloads of rail cars. Gapless weighbridge for in-motion weighing - Sections replace rail on existing track and form a stable weighbridge. Trains not being weighed can move across the scale at normal line speed without damage to the scale.


Modular, low profile railroad track scale designed for above ground installation. The pitless design complies with AREMA Cooper E 80 loading and NIST H44 requirements for commercial weighing and provides a lower installation cost compared with traditional deep pit design.

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