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OCS Technologies was founded as Ohio Counting Scale in 1930. That means we’ve been calibrating and repairing scales and laboratory balances for more than 80 years.

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Frankly, we’ve become pretty good at it. Our scale service department provides services in northern Ohio and western Pennsylvania.

Scale and Balance Repair
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New technology or old, sometimes your equipment just stops working as it should.  Whether caused by abuse, accident, or power surge, your equipment may be unable to be adjusted back into tolerance. OCS can provide repair services, either on-site or back at our repair shop or climate-controlled lab. We even provide emergency services, usually within 24 hours or sooner.

OCS provides service from 1 gram up to 120,000 pounds.  See our Scope

Periodic Scale and Balance Calibration

OCS works with certified standards to check and adjust the calibration of your scales or balances on a mutually agreed-upon schedule. We provide complete documentation and Certificates of Calibration for each scale or balance to ensure that your equipment remains within the tolerances you have set.

Preventive Analysis
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We know you don’t need surprises. If a specific scale or balance needs adjustment at every calibration, the equipment may need repair or replacement. We always will let you know. If any of your scales or balances are becoming obsolete or beyond repair, especially those in critical production situations, again, we always will let you know. Our database lets us keep track of your equipment's complete history and more.

While we're quite capable in an emergency, our goal always is to prevent problems, not just solve them after they've occurred.

Our Service Technicians
OCS Service Technician

At the heart of the OCS service department is our team of service technicians. Our technical staff includes trained technicians with an average of 15 years experience. And training is always ongoing.  In many cases, technicians also are receiving regular training from individual device manufacturers to keep up with technology changes and advances in equipment and custom weighing systems. OCS scale technicians are registered with the Ohio Division of Weight and Measures.

Our technicians will arrive at your site fully prepared and confident in applying their knowledge, expertise, talent and sometimes a little creativity, to any service, calibration, or repair challenge you may have.

Admittedly, we have a passion for weighing. We invite you to take advantage of it. Contact or call 800.362.0364 with your service needs and questions.


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