OCS Service - Heavy Capacity

Heavy Capacity Capabilities —

• Up to 120,000 lbs. • Truck Scales • Axle Scales
• Coil Scales • Crane Scales • Crane & Hoist testing

Email or call 800.362.0364 with your heavy capacity service needs.

Your profit line relies on accurate scales and proper calibration so you always know the exact weight. OCS will guarantee that your scales are accurate and your product weight is correct with our mobile Calibration Test Unit.

How it Works:

The OCS Calibration Test Unit arrives at your site and our technicians use our certified weight cart to calibrate your equipment. The OCS mobile unit reduces downtime, eliminates costly transportation and allows you to schedule the work you need at your convenience.

All calibrations are ISO/IEC 17025 accredited and traceable to the International System of Units (SI) through NIST.

OCS offers a range of heavy capacity service options:
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Service & Repair
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Quick Check
Our loaded weight cart will quickly cover your entire scale to make sure every section matches up for guaranteed accuracy.

Periodic Inspection
Protect your profits with regularly scheduled periodic inspection, calibration and maintenance to assure your scales and product weight are accurate.

Crane & Hoist Lift and Stress Testing
Guard your employees' safety and meet OSHA requirements.

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