Truck Scales and Legal Railroad
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RICE LAKE SURVIVOR TRUCK SCALES: Above ground, pit and portable models. Steel and concrete decks Designed to provide reliable performance under demanding conditions, built with more structural steel, a superior support structure and design features that provide consistent accuracy, less downtime and longer scale life. Custom built to exact specifications for new or retrofit installations. Multi-platform truck scales available.


WEIGHTRONIX BRIDGEMONT TRUCK SCALE: Various Sizes and Capacities. Steel and Concrete Decks. Above Ground and Pit Installations. [PDF] For static or in-motion rail weighing. Prevents underloads and overloads of rail cars. Gapless weighbridge for in-motion weighing - Sections replace rail on existing track and form a stable weighbridge. Trains not being weighed can move across the scale at normal line speed without damage to the scale.


WEIGHTRONIX COMBOWEIGH TRUCK & TRACK SCALE: One scale, one installation, weighs both rail cars and trucks
Allows users to fit it exactly to location and to specific processes. Each Comboweigh scale package includes the weighbridge, load cells, load cell mountings and grout plates, anti-creep angles and summing boxes with surge protection. Meets A.R.E.A testing and design criteria including Cooper E-80 loading and AAR Scale Handbook requirements.

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